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Friday, March 11, 2011

day 61-64: supplemental, more to come...

This week has been a bit insane. Thursday was the only day (other than today) I managed to work in any kind of social time and that day consisted of a chiro appointment, getting passport photos done, picking up eye-glasses, doing a medical exam and immunizations (that took 4 hours, 4 needles and had me running between buildings along St. Clair Ave), then grabbing groceries, all in different parts of the city, all in time for dinner. The next week promises to lumber on in a similar manner and it may spell more drought for the blog. My apologies for those reading. There's even lot's to talk about, I just can't find the hours in the day to do it. Rest assured that once on the sea I will have not much else to do but contemplate, evaluate and share (I'll even have a reason to post photos and such!).

   Until then, and the few moments I will try and squeeze in over the next couple of weeks (including explanations to some of the more cryptic material from the last few weeks), day 61-64, sort of in the bag (but not really).

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