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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

and so it begins

"It's a dangerous trap to see the world through the veneer of what you 'don't have'. The glass is half full isn't an archaic metaphor. I don't think there has ever been an age where it was more relevant.
I've been exhausting myself lately and have come to realize that it's this practice that causes most of it. It can relate to body image, material objects, skills, relationships, anything really. If you constantly berate yourself for what you haven't achieved you can never really appreciate what you have. I'm unhappy with this. I think I'll change it." -facebook status, January 4th, 2011

   After a mulling over and discussing this with friends (and my brain-deboggler, Mary) I've come to take this even more seriously than I did 12 hours ago.  I'm starting to see how my failure to adhere to this has affected literally every part of my life. Changing it will take more than realizing it's there and then losing the concept a week from now in the rush of day to day life.  I'm taking over.  

   I start this blog with the simple mission of cataloguing one thing each day, that I appreciate about my life for one whole year (365 days, 52 weeks, 7 dog years).  I will take, at the least, one moment each day to appreciate, savour, be thankful for, something or someone in my life. In the interest of honesty (and making this more compelling than watching paint dry on the back of a self-congratulating narcissist) I will juxtapose each moment savoured with what my instinctual response had been.  I will also be honest about my failures.  In a way, appreciating failure is part of what this is about.

   This will get rocky. And it will get personal. And it's a journey for myself made public in the interest of spreading the self-discovery bug. It's actually contagious.  You should probably get yourself checked out.

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