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Monday, January 10, 2011

day 7: louis ck, plasma injections and the mario bros.

*Celebration music with lots of cymbals and bassoon

7 days, what what! 7 days of straight bloggin. That's a lot of prose. Thanks to all who have given feedback. It really does make a difference having people relate, and that affirmation helps me keep going. You guys are like taking a buddy to the gym. Guilt me into staying on track!

   To give a rest from the tireless onslaught of monologuing I wanted to take today to share some of the material that got this whole ball rolling. In no particular order, here's some things that inspire thought:

   READ AFTER(spoiler): This video made me laugh and think, and then laugh, and then get angry, and then laugh. Louis CK later said in an interview that he was really making a satire of himself. The person on the plane that was pissed about the internet? That was him, and it made me think about what it meant to hold yourself accountable and learn from it.

   This is my TV. I'd been planning to get it for a whole year. I'm not ashamed to admit I was really excited and honestly, I had the consumer bug. It was big and shiny and all I could think of was shooting things in HD and having split-screen not give everyone headaches from squinting. I will add that text on the old TV was starting to become completely illegible. The TV didn't get worse, people just started assuming everyone had huge TV's with crazy resolution and made text smaller (no respect for the old skool). I bought it cheap but found out as we were leaving that it wasn't 1080p. Nooooo!!

   I was immediately let down. I couldn't help it, the number was so shiny! All it really means is more pixels per inch and therefor a higher resolution. Thing is, this TV was already MORE than what I needed (not that you need a TV, more like needed to satiate my televising desire). It's a 42" behemoth! The picture is stunning! It makes a pretty chime when it turns on as if to say, hello! I wont guilt myself for the purchase, but it made me realize how quickly you can fall from a high horse to the stable muck of pliable consumers (refer to day 6).

(Josh may be the coolest guy I know)

   Friends (family and other people you're forced to be close with). This one's a no-brainer. Friends are human. The better the friend, the more face to face with that you'll come. They don't make perfect choices, and neither do you. What's really amazing is that they keep spending time with you, they keep being there for you, and they (if your taste is as discerning as mine) are some of the most amazing people you can find. You can want more from a friendship, or from any relationship really, but it's important to keep it in perspective of what you already have. Someone who will shave in a dirty stache to be the Luigi to your Mario? Hell yeah.

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