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Friday, January 28, 2011

day 25: reminders, days off and texting on the john

I've spent the last week trying to get the most out of my time (not making the most of moments) and it's left me exhausted and drained (Post 1, anybody?). I've been eating food at the computer, bringing my cell into the washroom (oh, get over it) and using every moment in transit to learn tunes, read paperwork and write emails. I talk on the phone while walking home from work, or check my messages on the walk to work. I've started doing vocal warm-ups in the shower (which is actually really hard with water running over your face) and getting home and spending an hour with my shoes and coat on just so I can save a few minutes removing them before I head out again. I usually try to give myself 10-15 minutes of brain-off during my shifts at work, but even those I've filled with chart writing and errand running.

   I've even caught myself getting frustrated when I'm doing something that frees up a limb that could be multitasking, like when I was watching TV (a rare glimpse of recreation) and thinking how I should be taping charts at the same time.

   This week has been very anti-this-blog. I suppose I said I'd report on failures as well as success', and for now this is the former. This week I'm going to turn that around. All of these things need little course corrections, but I'm gonna start big. I'm going to book off time, as in, actually put it in my calendar as unavailable. I'm going to promise myself that time to do absolutely nothing. Or at the most, nothing I can't savour at the pace I choose. That time will be Saturday, February 5th. As of right now that ENTIRE day is a me day. Feel free to call me and see how I'm doing. If I don't answer, I'm in a movie or taking a nap. Or I've turned off my phone entirely. Oh! That sounds delicious. I might turn off my computer too. Oh my. Yes, better yet, don't call me...I'll call you. 

   I feel better already. I may spend the whole week looking forward to this. Yes, I might. Let's do this week. I'm ready for you.

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