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Monday, February 7, 2011

day 35:



  1. Well then i will write one for you.

    Dear James,
    You are pretty much the best. Did you know that? I'm sure you probably suspect it most days and even have many times when you even really really know it.You are one of those people that i want to be better friends with all the time. When i have the pleasure of your company, my sides hurt for about a day because you have made me laugh so hard. And it's not just because you are goofy and occasionally silly. I mean you are, but also that silliness resonates with me and i delight in the way to describe things. You are wise beyond your years and really truly a smart, clever, brilliant person in many ways. I have incredible respect for you as a musician and a human. the way you write songs is touching and subtle and even the songs you think are cheesy have a way of just making a person feel good.
    I am consistently impressed by this blog too. It is an expression of your passion, dedication and love for so many things. It is also incredible ballsy to put it all out there. sharing such simple and yet intimate experiences is the sort of thing that reminds us (your loyal readers)that it's about wanting what you have and not just having what you want. I think your commitment to understanding yourself is admirable and light years beyond what most people would ever consider doing.

    I generally refrain from commenting because i don't want to interrupt the process. It almost feels like just by observing I might influence it (in a very quantum theory kind of way) but it seemed like a good time.

    So i guess what i'm trying to say is this: even on a crap day, savour the perspective of others. cause from this side, you are a damn good man.

  2. I want to truly, truly thank you for your comments. They come at a time of more turmoil than I've seen in quite a while and they offer more solace than you can possibly know. I don't know if I'm all the things you said, but I do know I aspire to be and it's nice to have someone perceive the effort. And you're right. Some days I'm more sure I'm there than others.

    I also want to mention that you did in fact influence me today. I decided to record the song in today's post and put it up because of your affirmation. Today I felt a lot more 'present' than I did yesterday. I will always bounce back, I was born into that, but today I owe it to you and all of my friends. So thanks.

    We are all human after all. We all deal.

    Much love.