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Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 40: mario, weddings and trial by shoe

Tonight was really nice. I went out to the wedding of two friends. It was a beautiful wedding with heart felt words, endearingly awkward moments and a bit of music provided by myself and a couple of guitar playing friends (including a performance of the Mario theme song for the wedding party's processional. Awesome).

   It had one especially cool moment where the MC had the bride and groom sit in chairs on the dance floor facing away from each other and blindfolded. Then each of them was given one of their own shoes in hand and one of their partner's shoes in the other. Questions were asked like, "who does the cleaning" and the bride and groom would each hold up the shoe of the person they attributed the answer to. I'd never seen this done at a wedding and it was really cool.

   Some of it was inane like the cleaning comment (or who does the cooking, etc), but then they started to add more polarizing questions, like who's a better cook or who's a better driver. It was really charming to watch them really honestly answer and see how well they had taken stock of each other's strengths and weaknesses. They weren't always in sync, but those were actually some of their best answers. It was always when the question attributed real respect or care for the other person. Like, who's the most generous. Almost every time a question took this turn the bride would hold aloft the groom's shoe and the groom the bride's. It was really endearing and made me take stock of what it means to truly care about someone else. The respect you offer. The ability to put the other person before yourself. I was shocked when the question "who is smarter" came up because I've always worried that could be a point of contention in a relationship. They surprised everyone again by answering each other. How perfect an answer. They respect in each other the intelligence and wisdom each holds, even though it would likely be in much different ways. I don't think they were trying to be kind in this, and I don't think they were selling themselves short. It just went to show how much they truly respect the person they're committed to for life.

   My authenticity meter was as present as ever, but it found no word of a lie and no trace of the disingenuous. It's really wonderful to see two people so perfectly intwined and in love. It makes me warm inside. Maybe in the past it would have me dwell on the life I've yet to truly share with another person, but I didn't need the blog to remind me of how futile that would be tonight. Instead I just enjoyed the good company and celebrated a happy day. Day 40. Short but sweet. Night interwizzles!

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