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Monday, February 28, 2011

day 54: MC Everett, the box of life and what it means to some

I played an acoustic show tonight at a cool little pub called The Old Nick (that served amazing pesto burgers!). I decided to conduct a little social (and musical) experiment. I brought with me to the venue a box marked "Life Is…" fashioned into something like a ballot box, a pencil case and dozens of strips of paper. About halfway through the show I explained a bit about the blog and what I was doing, and that I wanted everyone to finish the sentence started on the box. My friend Nyree assisted, handing out pens and slips of paper and then collecting them a couple songs later and putting them in the box. I also explained that near the end of the show I was going to pull one of these conclusions of "Life is…" randomly out of the box and make up a song on the spot. I had pre-thought nothing; lyric, melody or chord, it would all me designed off of the one sentence that I would choose.

   The phrase I ended up retrieving from the "Box of Life" was "Life is a chance to see what life is". I thought that was actually pretty cool. The song itself went rather well I'd say, with only a few lines mumbled incoherently and most even rhyming! MC Everett, what?!?!

   Anyway, I knew what I wanted to do from the get-go, which was share the results with all of you. Some are funny, some are serious and everything in between, but the coolest thing is, most are from people I've never even met. Here's a list of what Life is to some of us…

Life is a never ending journey.
Life is full of mystery.
Life is facebook, these days.
Life is growth.
Life is in between lie and line in the dictionary.
Life is making you laugh.
Life is a chance to see what life is.
Life is all about the trajectory of the hippopotamus.
Life is what you make it to be.
Life is made up of all the in-betweens.
Life is… a beanstalk…  isn't it?
Life is Free Bird.*
Life is the excitement of falling in love!
Life is a turnip.
Life is better with you in it.
Life is an excellent excuse to look fantastic!
Life is too effing short.
Life is a long road, but a journey worth taking.
Life is a way of finding out what we handle.
Life is a four letter word.

   I laughed at a lot of these and took time to ponder on a few. The sad thing is, the person who wrote the chosen line, "Life is a chance to see what life is" never admitted to writing it, which was too bad because I wanted to commend them on a great lyric. I'd also like to say, that if you're reading this and have a unique way to end your own "Life is…" question, comment it! I'd love to read it. Today I savour 20 ideas from 20 individuals (and possibly more to come). Day 54, in the bag.

*This was probably in response to me telling the audience that if they requested Free Bird I would stab them.

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