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Friday, February 18, 2011

day 45, 46: in transit

Yesterday and today I've been/I'm going to be running around like crazy, getting my drivers license (re-getting) in Kingston and visiting my mom. Here's two miniature moments to stand in place of proper posts:

1. Rode the bus to Kingston in the most uncomfortable seats, next to someone who took up a sizable portion of my seat...BUT, I did meet two interesting women, used wifi on the bus and my ticket cost me $10. Megabus, a-waaaaaay!

2. Timing. Call it kharma or good planning but in the last few days things have worked out really well timing wise, even when the "plan" had to be scrapped altogether. Sometimes things won't happen in the order or time you expect (or at all). Worrying about it won't change it. Throwing a fit won't change it. You only have two options; go with the flow or take action. I'm starting to get a good balance of those two things and not letting the chaos that is life get me down. Miniature (actually, significant) win!

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