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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

day 36: a year to savour, now in song form!

I wrote this song a few days ago. It's a song that wouldn't exist without this blog and wouldn't exist without the conversations that have come from it. This song belongs to all of you. Thanks for listening.


Wading Through
written by James Everett

You could be bested, you could be tested
And all the while wonder where you went wrong
You constantly question that you did your best and
Wonderin if you’ve what it takes to move on

I know its like everybody else keeps winning
You cant catch a break to save your life
But as that dawn pulls in, you begin to see
What you need, has always been inside

A young man has lost a father again
And he’s farther from home than he ever has been
And it’s a long way home

My life it's callin' out to me
Sayin that nows the time to be, nows the time to do
False to form, I ain’t gonna hesitate no more
cause the man I was before is wadin through

Feelin' the pressure, a note on the dresser
Says, "this must be what it feels like to drown"
And as you dwell upon the thing you couldn’t start
Conversations, revelations and thoughts that brought you down

Cause your love didn’t grow in the way that you hoped
And you’re farther from home than you ever thought you could be


  1. This is great! I really love the guitar in this. Quite lovely. Your voice sounds great too - nice and mellow and smooth.

    I love the "feelin' the pressure" verse. Great lyrics and I enjoy the internal rhymes in the lines.

    *Listens again*

    P.S. What mic(s) are you using here? Your "demos" (if I should use that word) always sound so nice.

  2. P.P.S. I'm glad you're feeling better than yesterday's FML. You're a fantastic guy, and it's especially awesome that you can pull such fantastic music out of hard times. As much as hard times and bad days are not something one wants to go through, I find that it's very fulfilling to be able to pull art from them or from how you get beyond them. The songs that come from that kind of a struggle to move beyond and keep going often seem to have an extra special resonance with me and probably pretty universally as well.

  3. Thanks man, music is always a safe place for me. If I could take up residence in a song I would. That's kind of what performing feels like for me. Living in a song for a short time. It's my sanctuary.

    And thanks for the praise, the mic I use for vocals is the same 460 I leant you and Jon for PP vocals, and the mics on the guitar are a pair of AKG 451's. Those three are my workhorse mics. I likes 'em just fine.