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Saturday, February 19, 2011

day 47: interruptions by your best friend and appreciating presence

This Blog has been jacked SUCKA! So James is savouring a day off of blogging right now and I, Joshua "MCOJ" Tustin, am taking the reins. I am an inexperienced blogger and I warn you that my sentence structure, sucks banana runs Eiffel tower.

   You can't see it, but I have written and erased about 15 paragraphs of possible blog action. I have way more respect for James for being able to put all his thoughts and feelings out there. This is hard. I guess I've never really felt like a guy that had a lot to say. I am much more of a conversationalist than a writer. I like the back and forth. Bouncing ideas off of others and sharing opinions.

   It seems to be getting harder to find opportunities to do that. Most conversations nowadays are fragmented into "LOL"s and emoticons. I'm reall agitated by texting and MSN or BBM or facebook messenger or whatever the hell you kids are into these days. I always misinterpret shit and take things the wrong way and vise versa. How many times has someone gotten mad at you for something you said in a text or on an instant message chat because they took it in a way that you didn't intend? I think it really shows our insecurities. If I read something that I know was meant as a sarcastic joke or just an innocent comment I can pretty much choose how I wanna take it. If I am having a "fat" day I might get pissed about someone asking what I had for dinner. It is just not the way I wanna communicate.

   Ha ha ha, I was just thinking that you could be reading this and think that I sound really bitter (irony fail). Trust me that is not the case. I get how texting and MSN and all that can even strengthen relationships if it is all that you can do. If I was to spend a lot of time away from my wife, a text would make my day and an msn chat may be a lifeline. All I am saying is that I think we, as a society, and me, as an individual, need to really appreciate the time that we spend with others. I just had a late night dinner with my best friend and my wife and it was a blasty. Nothing exciting or amazing happened but I just really enjoyed the great company.

   Sharing is caring y'all. Put it to the test. Watch a comedy. Now watch a comedy with your three best friends. It's probably three times as funny even if it sucks. Hell, it's probably funnier because it sucks. Whenever I do something fun I always think, "shit son, I have got to tell James about this shit". And yes, that is how I think. I just love the feeling of sharing something I love with others. Or having them share with me.

   So ask your friends questions. Simple things that can lead to learning something new. And ask yourself two questions. If you were to die tomorrow, what would you tell the people you love? And, why haven't you told them yet? I might recommend not bbming it to them.

Joshua "MCOJ" Tustin


Hey all! James here. Insane day today. I spent the whole day tracking a song/video for a band I play in called Monday the Milestone. I got loads of free time coming though, so I promise some proper postage soon. That being said, what did y'all think of the guest writer? I thought it might be neat to have a friend interpret the blog once in a while. I gave Josh no warning, but I think he did a fine job. I think it's neat to see, A) another person's interpretation and where it takes them, and B) the way my friends write in this environment. Neato! More to come!


  1. James, I can't decide whether this counts as blog-cheating. But I enjoyed the reference to MCOJ enough to let it slide. BSBR!

  2. It's KIND of cheating, but I need to find a better way to take a break now and then without just writing tiny/lame posts. And yes, the MCOJ rules all COJ's!